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Hi! My name is Dirk Jan Buter and my company is called Buter Software. Together with my team we make videos for the web. We are specialized in two types of videos: interactive and personalized video. But if you have another question, we would like to see how we can help you. We are experts and we can do a lot with computers. It is important for us to assist and provide you with the best customer service possible.

A good start of 2018

We started again after the holidays break!

A good start of 2018

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13-11-2017: The New Oculus Go
31-10-2017: Formula Void Development Demo Video
23-10-2017: 3D in GameMaker Studio 2
04-10-2017: Super Focus Week
17-06-2017: At the Opening VR Lab
16-06-2017: Where is this picture taken?
05-05-2017: Looking for Developer to Share Office Space
12-04-2017: Temporary new Logo
29-03-2017: Development of Formula Void
14-03-2017: Just an Ordinary Day
14-03-2017: Awesome work space at a new location
04-02-2017: Buter Software cube
04-02-2017: 4 Years of Custom Software
22-12-2016: Orange Space Ship Design
13-12-2016: First milestone for Formula Void
06-12-2016: Sweating and making miles of code
27-11-2016: Pink Panther Pizza Party
09-11-2016: Pink Indietopia Building
22-07-2016: New Home Base Drachten
12-06-2016: Presentation @ Unreal Engine Meetup
26-05-2016: Design is how it looks, feels and works
23-05-2016: Third Price at the Aquathon
20-05-2016: A programmer you can count on
09-05-2016: An app as your business card
22-03-2016: Aquathon Groningen
24-06-2015: 5 Backup Devices for the Modern Era
30-04-2015: Kinect 3D scan
07-02-2015: Preserve Data for Future Generations
15-01-2015: Celebrating 2 Years of Existence
06-01-2015: "A game" video
30-10-2014: "Software" video
10-03-2013: "The Opening" video
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