Formula Void

Title Formula void
Description The evolution of Formula One; Space is a step above and beyond! Race between planets, beat the best laptimes, compete in tournaments against players from all over the globe. Fame and Fortune await!
Genre Science Fiction, Race Game
Platform Desktop, Web, Android and iOS
Release Date Unknown

Rise of Formula Void

Mid 21th century; The development of brand new space travel technology took a leap forward with Plasma Rocket Propulsion, creating a compact engine and cutting down on fuel consumption. Space flight became easier and cheaper, so easy and cheap in fact, that soon racer enthusiast looked to the void to get their kicks. Up to that point, Formula One was the favorite sport of adrenaline junkies. The watch and participate.
With space, Formula Void was born.

As soon as the space ways opened, there was a new dawn in the racing sport.

The First official Formula Void, as the new branch of sport was quickly named, consisted of 68 laps around the planet earth. Manufacturers of the Formula Void sport built their own ships, faster than any other, with a top speed of 340 km per second! Champion of Virgin Grand Prix of earth was great-grandson of Formula One legend Michael Schumacher; Mike Schumacher!

With the construction of the first Moon colony, flights between earth and moon took off. Only the very brave, possibly insane, drivers even considered the 20 minute and extremely dangerous Formula Void race to the moon. Even faster engines were needed and were developed under the Formula Void license, which became increasingly popular with the construction of the new Sol colonies. From the Plasma Propulsion, which is an internal combustion engine, to the Quantum Impulse Drive was hailed by the masses.

Top speed of the QID is around a 75th part of the speed of light. With speeds to 4.000 km per second races to the moon and back became familiar territory.

The Hyper drive, pinnacle of human ingenuity, approaches the speed of light without bending time. Formula Galaxy Grand Prix sees first light!

20 ships enter this first race, five racers finish, two arrive a day later. Eleven racers were killed, two racers were never found.

Now, in 2093, Manufacturers and countries from earth and all colonies compete in high stakes races between planets. Full of the dangers of space travel with dazzling speeds.

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