About us

The Company

Established on February 4th 2013, Buter Software is a software development company. We provide the best possible customer service to ensure that our customers’ needs are always met. We are able to offer the latest in application development in order to keep up with the ever increasing demands of modern social media, smartphones and of course, the internet.

Dreams into Reality

Many people around the world have great ideas. Some of these ideas can change or improve lives of many people. In order to bring those ideas into reality, one has three choices to overcome technical obstacles. First, they can invest in time and resources to learn the skills necessary for software development. Second, they can give up on their ideas and never see them come to be. Or third, they can have Buter Software do the behind the scenes development while they focus on what is important to their business; their customers.

Technical Realization

We are here to fill in the gap between the ideas and their technical realizations. Because each development is as unique as the ideas that spawned them, Buter Software remains on hand for customer service and software maintenance. It is a commitment from us to our customers that when the need is there, so will be Buter Software.

The Idea Wave

Have you ever had an idea, but for any number of reasons you were unable to put it into action? How many of these ideas have come back to you some years later because, you see the same idea being implemented by someone else? The realization that the profits these other people who moved on the ideas could have been yours should be evidence that ideas do not live in a vacuum. As they say, great minds think alike. You can either move on your ideas or watch them move on by. Don’t let your ideas leave you behind. Talk to the professionals at Buter Software for a confidential consult to find out how quickly your idea can come to reality.